If you ask most audiophiles they are seeking the gold standard for their audio systems by investing as much time, research and money into their system as humanly possible. Room acoustics are a key part of any top performing audiophile system but so much more goes into making the best sound possible. The less-is-more theory is absolutely relevant in most audiophile systems. Less processing equals better sound. Less connections, less cables, less connections - all lead to that "special" sound that only the best systems have.

Five Tips For A Better Sounding Audiophile Systems

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  1. Christopher HansenSpeakers, Speaker, Speakers:
    The Linn Audio idea of source components set the bar for your system is nice but the sound and frequency range of your speakers is one of the biggest factors in your audio system. Find our our recs for best headphone speakers at Curated Headphones.
  2. Room Acoustics:
    Invest in them. Hire professionals to help you place and image your speakers including lasers, mirrors and other tools. Pay for bass absorption. Pay for treatments on your first order reflections on the sides of your speakers as well as on the ceiling. Ditch your coffee table. Its killing your sound. Install bass traps as they do wonders. Use diffusion if you can afford products like RPG's "city scape" products.
  3. Best Headphones Audiophile Need Subwoofers:
    The idea that audiophile systems don't need subwoofers is insane. Even $250,000 audiophile speakers roll off before where top-level subwoofers pick up. Tuning a subwoofer to do what it does best (the deep bass) and letting your big-time audiophile speakers do the rest is an excellent idea for those looking for the most out of their high end audio systems
  4. Rush Moving Pictures Blu-ray
  5. Dead KenneysEmbrace Blu-ray:
    Vinyl is fun to collect but its high signal to noise ratio and limited dynamic range (compared to a Compact Disc) makes the format sound less than "high definition" even on the best of rigs. Blu-ray has HDMI protected audio that has 120 dB dynamic range that can make a sound that a Compact Disc can't compete with. Most major labels don't sell music on Blu-ray today outside of concert videos but Blu-ray provides the best possible sound money can buy today from a $200 player using a $50 cable.
  6. Love Music More Than Audio:
    Good music is more important than good audio. That would make most 60 plus year old high end audio writers roll over in their print magazine graves but its true. Only listen to music that you like - not just music that sounds good. Most audiophile music is recorded well but doesn't have any soul. Stick with music that does have soul and enjoy the tunes you like best more than what sounds best. Make notes when you find tracks that you a) love the song and b) think sound great. These are your top demos of all time.

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